Orion Applied Science & Technology is a technology and service based company with an innovative plan to provide superior engineering solutions to address contemporary engineering problems. We also have a plan to transform near-Earth space operations and applications leveraging state of the developmental capabilities.



Established in 2013, and certified by the Department of Veteran Affairs, as a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB), OrionAST is an engineering firm with a vision and plan to harness the power of technology and apply its resources to address complex issues such as orbital debris, global climate change, education, agriculture, oil & gas pipeline safety, environmental monitoring and research, etc.

Enhanced Space
Situational Awareness
Avoiding collisions in orbit depends on accurate monitoring of all debris regardless of size. To be reliably effective requires a co-ordinated global response using a new generation of technology. OrionAST provides this enhanced space situational awareness to a degree never before possible.
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OrionAST maintains deep ties and support from some of the top minds within industry, academia and the scientific communities. Our team consists of recognized experts that span multiple disciplines needed to successfully research and develop just about any topic imaginable.
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Our Enviromental
Legacy: Clean Space
Support for OrionAST's groundbreaking technology will enable operators to conduct space missions with confidence, knowing their valuable satellite investments are safe from the danger of collision. It also creates the opportunity to clean up Earth’s orbital neighborhood, preserving a priceless space asset for the benefit of future generations.
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System Engineering and Integration
Systems Engineering is at the core of our technical tradecraft. We are a seasoned group of engineers that listen to our customers and understand their needs. We define and decompose systems requirements that are measurable, achievable and testable to support development. Our engineers also work with clients though every phase of a systems life-cycle.



OrionAST's Green Space Initiative GSI©, is the principal vehicle at the grassroots level to support the Space Operational Environment. Fundamentally, we view Earth' orbits as a natural extension of the environment. Mankind for over 60 years have launched objects into space. Most of the clutter remains, fouling the orbits that provide critical, terrestrial services that the modern world relies upon. Relied on for nearly every function of modern society from bank transactions, to GPS navigation and a countless array of other applications. There is a clear need for services, which promotes the safety of space operations.

Become part of the solution and be certain to sign-up to our blog where the names of each satellite will be released.

Man-made hazards such as space junk from rocket bodies or defunct satellites are increasing annually. Naturally occurring phenomenon such as solar flares (with coronal mass ejection) and meteorites also threaten to disrupt space based operations. Your generous donations would go towards developing the capability to mitigate the threat of orbital debris to Space Operational Environment. Top tier donors will have the option to have our operational satellites bear their name, or name in honor of another person. Name will be selected from the list of highest donors at the time satellites are confirmed for launch.