From mobile phones and GPS to banking and storm tracking, life on Earth increasingly depends on global telecommunication provided by satellites.  But now these satellites and all the critical services they provide are threatened by increasing quantities of man-made space junk.

Every day, the risk of a collision grows mathematically more inevitable. Yet despite years of effort and millions of dollars in research, no one has found a reliable defense against this unprecedented hazard.

Until now.

OrionAST has developed a groundbreaking technology that will open up a new era of safer, more profitable space activities for both commercial and government operators. Not since Sputnik will the Earth’s orbit have been so safe from the risk of collision.

OrionAST is coming.  Discover more here.

Enhanced Space Situational Awareness

Avoiding collisions in orbit depends on accurate monitoring of all debris regardless of size.  To be reliably effective requires a co-ordinated global response using a new generation of technology.  OrionAST provides this enhanced space situational awareness to a degree never before possible.  Contact us to learn more.

Our Environmental Legacy: Clean Space

Support for OrionAST's groundbreaking technology will enable operators to conduct space missions with confidence, knowing their valuable satellite investments are safe from the danger of collision.  But it also creates the opportunity to clean up Earth’s orbital neighborhood, preserving a priceless space asset for the benefit of future generations.  Contact us for information on how to partner with OrionAST.