hawkHawk technologies is comprised of highly trained IT security and infrastructure specialists who take great pride in the ability to work as a team and get the job right done the first time. We possess a wide range of skills in cross-platform Systems and Network design and administration that stem from years of support given to our list of diversified commercial and government clients and from the hands-on experience gained by it.

VectorScholarVector Scholar, a 501(c)(3) non-profit, was created in 2014 as a call to action by its founders as a way to address the growing IT education and wealth gap in America. Vector Scholar was created to assist underserved communities close the digital divide and create STEM talent pipelines to college and careers in IT.

Having a STEM based education is not enough to succeed in today’s global corporate environment. A recent survey of corporate leaders indicated that organizing, oral communication, evaluating information, and solving complex problems were critically important. Often students do not have the confidence or true understanding of the workplace or the skills needed to contribute as a team member.

21stStem21st Century Science, Technology, Engineering & Math (STEM) Foundation is a community-based organization founded in 2008 and formed to afford a multi-disciplined based learning experience to inner city youth. Formerly known as Pre K Foundation, this organization was founded in 2008 and focuses on providing the youth with career readiness skills in STEM fields.

jbJephsonBeaman is a personal and corporate services consultancy that combines a global client list with a distinctly individual approach. The firm supplies an exceptional array of capabilities—from public relations, protocol and intercultural communication to risk management, crisis planning and security; from executive mentoring, presentation coaching and media training to digital marketing and analysis, and editorial services.