The Problem

Thousands of satellites now orbit the earth, comprising the backbone of the global telecommunications industry. Yet these critical assets are dangerously vulnerable. Man-made hazards such as space debris from rocket bodies and defunct satellites are increasing annually, raising the odds of destructive collisions. Naturally occurring phenomena such as solar flares—with coronal mass ejection—and micro-meteorites also threaten to disrupt space-based operations.

Without effective mitigation capabilities and strategies, the risk to orbital assets will grow geometrically. Scientists the world over recognize the need for services that can promote the safety of space operations and ensure that Earth’s orbits remain a renewable resource for generations to come.

The OrionAST Solution

cve_completed_s 240x240OrionAST is a pioneering US company established specifically to develop and apply a revolutionary new technology to counter the increasing threat posed to our satellite-dependent world by orbital debris.  As well as safeguarding critical telecommunications and other services, this innovative OrionAST technology offers commercial and government operators significantly enhanced capability in a wide range of space-based activities, including satellite recovery and salvage.

Based in metropolitan Washington DC, OrionAST is seeking strategic partners to assist in bringing this innovative service to customers worldwide.

Founder and CEO

Alvin Alexander


Alvin J. Alexander II is a combat veteran with over 22 years of service in the United States Army. In 2013, he founded Orion Applied Science & Technology, LLC for the purpose of pioneering an industry dedicated to remediation and mitigation of orbital debris, with a secondary goal of orbital asset protection and recovery. He has worked on a number of key Department of Defense acquisition programs as systems engineer where he advised senior program managers and key leaders as to best practices for system development.  Alvin maintains a broad experience base of advanced sensor phenomenology and application, which led directly to his selection as the lead engineer on multi-million dollar projects supporting the “warfighter” in ongoing theaters of operation. Alvin is a Master of Science Candidate at Johns Hopkins University, Whiting School of Engineering, and possesses a  Bachelors of Arts in Aviation, from The Ohio State University.